About Us
Design to bring out the best

With more than 20 years experience in the design industry, we created Imp Studio in 2008 to provide professional consultation on communications and design for publications, marketing collaterals and branding.

We are an one-stop design boutique that offers editorial, photography, digital imaging, creative design and printing services.

Imp Studio always provide our clients with the most innovative, creative and flexible solutions and of course at a manageable rate.

From idea to design, collaboration is, and always has been part of our DNA. By incorporating the talents of our clients and our team, we’re able to produce works that are functional yet elegant that bring great satisfaction to our clients.

We consider our clients’ success our reward too.

•  Asia Media Awards 2010 – Best In Design (Gold)
•  Asia Media Awards 2011 – Best In Design (Gold)
•  Asia Media Awards 2012 – Best In Infographics (Silver)
Asia Media Awards 2010Asia Media Awards 2011Asia Media Awards 2012

IMPortant Note!
In Western mythology, an imp is often portrayed as a mischievous creature somewhat like a fairy or an unthreatening mini devil.
IMP Studio takes its name from the playful nature of the imp. After all, creativity would languish without the right kind of mischief to power
innovative thinking!
At IMP Studio, we fully relish the creative challenges our clients present to us. We have fun even as we create seriously powerful messages.